Rental Policy

HOURS:  Our hours are from 7 am until 5 pm Monday – Friday, Saturday 7-12, closed Sunday and all major holidays.

IDENTIFICATIONA positive ID and phone number is required . New customers must present a valid credit card.

INSURANCE:   You are completely responsible for rented items after they leave our yard until it is returned and checked in. Our insurance does not cover equipment while it is in your possession. Contact your agent for coverage.

CREDITAll rentals are cash in advance with the exception of established commercial accounts. Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards are welcome.

DELIVERYMinimum delivery charges are $40.00 

RATES1 day = 24 hours
1 week = 7 consecutive days
1 month = 28 consecutive days

FUELWe do not supply fuel. You get whatever fuel the last person left and the next customer will get whatever you leave in the tank. If you are unsure about type of fuel, please call.

DAMAGE:  You are responsible for any damage caused from misuse, abuse or loss of equipment. We do not offer a damage waiver.

METERED EQUIPMENTRental charges are based on 8 hours of use during a 24 hour period, 40 hours per week  and 160 hours per 28 days, Extra charges will be assessed on any hours of use over these limits.

TIRESThe customer is responsible for all tire damage or flats. If we are called for on-site repair we will charge our shop rate plus materials.  Charges may be assessed for track damage also.

RESERVATIONS:  Reservations are accepted but be warned that you will be charged for the reserved item even if you fail to pick it up. All cash customers must pay for the reserved item at time of reservation. Minimum reservation is for a 24 hour period.