Frequently Asked Questions

What if i go over my 3 hours?

The computer will automatically break the time down by the minute up to 6 hours. Once you have it for the 6 hours the rate automatically goes to the daily rate of the rental item.

Do you rent Trailers?

No we dont rent out trailers. Our trailers are only available to rent for our equipment.

Do you have overnight drop off?

We do for our equipment that has an ignition. Equipment goes under the canopy and the key goes into the dropbox by the front door. The customer is still responsible if equipment is stolen or damaged.

What do i do if something breaks on the equipment that i rented?

If it happens during business hours then call us and let us know,if it happens out of business hours then you can call and leave us a message on our answering machine or call us the next business day.

Do you sale used equipment?

We Do! When we are looking to upgrade our equipment we will sell all the old equipment. We usually keep a list in the store or will list it on our website.

How do you handle Holiday's and Holiday Weekends?

Its a 2 day charge since we wont be open.

Are you open Sundays?

We are not. if you rent a piece of equipment on a Saturday,then the daily price of that rental will cover you until 8 o’clock Monday morning with 8 hours use on metered equipment.

Do you Deliver?

We do deliver. Delivery charge is a flat $40 dollars for in town deliveries and varies for surrounding areas depending on mileage.